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The world sucks now, but taking care of me doesn’t have to. Let’s share and muse on education, crafts & nature, and self-improvement.

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Why The U.S. Insurrection Was Good

Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the U.S. has been impeached for a second time January 13, 2021 for inciting a violent domestic terrorist extremist insurrection at the Nation’s Capitol: Washington D.C.

#Relationship Goals

Who taught you to be in a relationship? Today, #relationshipgoals is everywhere, but God has laid out a plan for your dating and marriage. This is a review of Pastor Michael Todd’s 2020 book: Relationship Goals.


Who explicitly taught you how to be in a relationship? I bet nobody. Now that you’re thinking about it, also consider this: if someone had taught you how, how much better would you, nay, we all be at them? I suspect a lot better at them as well as have less strife within them and…

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