Who’s Tired of Grocery Shopping During COVID19?

auburn haired woman from 1960s with shades of brown suit and beige purse, which is delicately draped over the edge of a shopping cart with banana yellow bumpers and handles, is sitting in a basket with an intense look on her face, hand dropped across her face, and one leg in the air with shoes half falling off

I loathe shopping and crowds at the best of times. This, people, is the absolute worst of times.

That’s not new news and neither is how flippin’ stressful it is to leave the house nowadays. It seems many folks are firmly wedged between either wearing a mask to thwart getting the virus, or refusing to wear one for reasons unbeknownst to me.

Weird times we’re living in, eh? How’d we get here…

Right, the ‘Rona brought us here. Or did it?

We’re Built for This

Literally. I think what’s happening with this mask situation is nothing more than people’s fight or flight survival instinct kicking in. It would seem I’m not alone in this thinking as one report from this Huffington Post article explains. With nothing staying the same, and everything changing by the minute, psychologically, people are just trying to survive. Either people choose to fight what’s going on by clinging to “normal,” (i.e. fight) to try to achieve some sentiment of equilibrium, or they fall in line and move around (i.e. flight).

It’s what our ancestors would have done when a dangerous threat arose. This deep seeded, instinctual desire to survive is in all of us: fight or flight.

Typically, I’m the latter. Conflict just isn’t my thing, and, as previously mentioned, neither are crowds of people.

But they’re everywhere now that summer is in full swing. And I’m tired. Tired of feeling anxious about getting food (and let’s not go there with the frequent item rationing, substituting, and yes, out of stock things); it’s so stressful (but hey, I’m working on it.) Tired of the low-level, constant anxiety about potentially contracting this filth. Tired all of the Pandemic reporting and chaos. But mostly, I’m tired of people.

Let alone buying food, which I’m more than over. So over, in fact, that I’ve opted for a different, better solution.

I need zen, stability, and equilibrium, for cryin’ out loud!

Here’s my new, old solution to this all.

Enter the Green

Mother often recounts, laughingly of course, that rainy summer it poured for months and, more vexingly, how she got on my nerves by repeatedly commenting look at how green everything is each time we passed a tree. Oh, Bother! I can still feel my eye-roll now as I think back to those days.

But my tune has changed, Mommy dearest!

I’m ever so excited about how green everything is. I’m so pumped about nature, that I’ve decided to try my hand at backyard gardening.

And I do mean backyard gardening as I’ve recently moved from my tiny apartment in downtown OKC with it’s no yard and plenty of yuppy neighbors to a small house in my hometown with plenty of nosy, busy-body neighbors. Jeez.

Excuse me while I crawl back into myself now…

This won’t my first row at gardening, though. I did successfully grow some herbs and tomatoes several back. I even have three houseplants I’ve been tenderly attending to for a few years now. Ugh.

I’m exited to get started gardening, but I don’t know where to start. The gardening I’m referring to will require skills that I’m not sure I have…yet. Skills I will surely need to learn.

So, I am.

I’ve already ordered seeds from several different companies. Most of the items have arrived as of today. Read about the items I purchased here.

Initially I was a bit remorseful that I’d spent over $100 (USD) on seeds, but then I reminded myself that it’s a cheap investment for rarely, if ever, needing to go back to the store for food—not to mention growing your own sustenance. Plus, the companies I supported had a plethora of organic, heirloom, open-pollinated, and of course, non-GMO. Check out this list to get your own seeds and peace of mind.

Sounds like a win if you ask me.

Final Thoughts

Of course we need food to survive. Eating food is a great joy for me, but I don’t enjoy preparing it (and don’t get me started on cleaning), and God knows I can’t stomach going to buy it from the store now.

As a vegetarian, it only makes sense I grow my own things. This will be fun to practice my mindfulness practices to combat stress. I’ve even read nature is good for your happiness and mental health, but those are posts for a different day. Right now, I’m focusing on building this dream, sustainable garden. Perhaps with a tall structure to block the neighbor’s view into the backyard. People have gone absolutely bonkers, but thank God I’ve been blessed with a solution: gardening. Here’s to sipping my tea in green solace in my backyard surrounded by my garden.

What plants are you currently growing?

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