Sanity Is the Brightest Shade of Green

This year has been a journey. I’m staying positive through these tumultuous times by doing things I’d never thought I’d be doing.

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Peace of mind isn’t overrated. You know what is? Folks actin’ out and not cautiously following the rules. I swear what some of ya’ll are doing feels like some challenging, defiant behavior my pre-teens/teenage secondary students would do.

You’re so not getting to be free at recess today, people.

I never thought I’d feel like that again, especially since I left the classroom this year. But here we are… 4 months after the lockdown and I still feel confined to my home. Don’t feel sorry for me or you. Fret none, lovely soul. I’ve been busy.

This virus isn’t getting me down. I’m doing a new thing.

This is a year of firsts for many of you, me included. One such first is the fact that I finally ordered vegetables and herbs to start a garden. Check out where I got my loot from here.

As a vegetarian, It only seemed right to finally do this. I mean, I did just move into a house with a front and backyard. Also, this virus is going to be here for awhile, and I’m still unemployed, so might as well make the most of it, right? Y’all know how dog tired I am of combating stress and anxiety just to go to the grocery store. If not, check out the post.

But I’m coping, as you most likely are. I’ve been practicing my mindfulness. I’ve been working on my happiness. Most of all, I’ve been working on my knitting. But I’m doing a new thing. I mean, it’s an old thing, but it’s sort of new to me: gardening.

Ya’ll know I’ve been pumped about this. I’m still researching and learning a lot about gardening, herbs, medicinal herbs, pests, soil, etc. It’s overwhelming, frankly. But I’m filled with joy and awe at the Lord’s providence in my life. Thanks be to God!

In keeping with the teachings from my course on happiness and well-being (read about it here), I’m sharing my gratitude and good fortune with you.

Things ≠Happiness

Are plants things? I suppose they are since they’re classified as nouns, but there’s something unnerving about calling them “things.” At any rate, we’re told money can’t buy you happiness, and that’s true. Things also don’t bring you happiness, at least not lasting happiness, anyway.

I somehow think this doesn’t apply to plants, though.

Just being in nature has been proven to improve your well-being. With that in mind, I’m thankful I purchased all of the seeds/bulbs I have/will.

Here’s an exhaustive list of the seeds I bought. Don’t forget to check out my previous blog post to find out where I bought my open-pollinated, organic, heirloom seeds.

The List

Several packets of organic, heirloom, open-pollinated, and non-GMO herb and plant seeds.
My 2020 Seed Haul

Fedco Seeds

  • Barley, Burbank Hulless
  • Wheat, Black Eagle Spring
  • Butternut Squash, Waltham
  • Tomato, Paul Robinson

Mountain Rose Herbs

  • Cohosh, Black
  • Sage, White
  • Pepper, Cayenne
  • Marshmallow
  • Meadowsweet
  • Motherwort
  • Valerian
  • Yarrow
  • Calendula
  • Comfrey
  • Balm, Lemon
  • Nettle, Stinging
  • Tulsi/Holy Basil

Seed Savers Exchange

  • Garlic, German Extra Hardy (ETA: 9/20)
  • Pepper, Feher Ozon Paprika
  • Echinacea, Purple Coneflower
  • Lavender, English True
  • Onion, Red Wethersfield
  • Lettuce, Merveille des Quatre Saisons
  • Chamomile, German
  • Pepper, Bull Nose Bell
  • Corn, Stowell’s Evergreen
  • Beet, Detroit Dark Red
  • Cabbage, Copenhagen Market
  • Zucchini, Black Beauty
  • Squash, Cornfield Pumpkin
  • Squash, Rouge Vif d’Etampes
  • Squash, Golden Zucchini

Southern Exposure Seed Exchange

  • Peanut, Carolina African Runner
  • Cotton, Nankeen (brown)
  • Goard, Luffa

Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds

  • Beans, Mbombo
  • Carrot, Purple Dragon
  • Tong Ho, Big Leaf (Chrysanthemum)
  • Feverfew, White Stars
  • Collards, Morris Heading
  • Onion, White Creole
  • Tomato, Green Zebra
  • Watermelon, Sugar Baby
  • Watermelon, Ali Baba
  • Basil, Thai Sweet
  • Arugula, Wild Rocket
  • Basil, Genovese
  • Kale, Blue Curled Scotch
  • Beans, Golden Butterwax
  • Tomato, Brandywine,
  • Cucumber, Mucher
  • Beans, 1500 Year Old Cave
  • Beans, Beurre de Rocquencourt
  • Bean, Dragon Tongue
  • Mustard Green, Japanese Giant Red
  • Corn, Hopi Pink

Renee’s Garden

  • Saffron, Crocus Bulbs (ETA: 9/20)

Final Thoughts

Though I haven’t yet started my gardening and herbalist journey, I’m excited to be learning about how to enrich my body, mind, and tummy. Hopefully I’m successful in this new arena as I my ability to hide my eye-rolls at fellow shoppers in the supermarket is stretching tissue-paper thin. What new things did you learn during the lockdown and COVID19 pandemic?

What’s in Your Garden?

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