Why The U.S. Insurrection Was Good

1 Positive Thing About the Insurrection

There was a time before most of us were born when nine spindle limbed teens dared to walk into a high school.


Not very shocking, right?

But in 1957s Little Rock, Arkansas at Central High School, it was such a shock that the then Governor called in the military–The National Guard– to prevent these nine students from entering the school.

…because staying home from school ISN’T what most students would want.

I’m not sure about you, but I was never super eager to go to any high school class–EVER. Had the Governor sent an armed military to stop me–little old high school me–why, I’d probably have drove home and immediately gone back to sleep.

That’s not quite what happened for those nine.

In fact, there’s a photo seen around the world that will forever live in infamy as one of the most hate filled and poignant depictions of 20th century America. One that speaks, nay, saliva flingingly screeches at you.

Have a look.

Elizabeth Eckford on her first day of school, in a photo taken by an Associated Press photographer. Hazel Bryan can be seen behind her in the crowd. (Credit: Bettmann/Getty Images)” via History.com

Lord of the Lies

I’ll admit, this Trump rally turned protest/riot/insurrection (what a mouthful) was such a cacophony of dissonance last Wednesday at the Nation’s Capitol that you couldn’t just avert your eyes.

You were transfixed to the screen and mesmerized by the sheer ludicrousness of it.

The audacity.

But who’s surprised, really. This is Season 6, Episode 2 of The Trump Presidency Show: Lord of the Lies.

And what a rousing season it’s been thus far.

45–who had been in Office 1,447 days as of January 6, 2021–harnessed and unleashed a mob of mostly European-American descendants. Gender-wise, it was mixed, but per usual at his rallies, there were more males.

Angry, red-faced, Euro-American males.

Stereotypical American males aggressively and ostentatiously toting firearms and whirling the Stars & Stripes in the air like the Commander of a Color Guard.

God Bless America.

This sea of angry, agitated, and screaming rioters were like roving, caged lions. These folks with their unbridled rage, bitterness, ignorance, and full of entitlement left me thinking, I’ve seen this before. But where? As I witnessed this with the rest of the world and, like you, was gobsmacked, it finally punched me in the face: Little Rock 1957.

Let’s Revisit Racist America

An alternate-angle view of Elizabeth Eckford on her first day of school, in a photo taken by an Associated Press photographer. Hazel Bryan can be seen behind her in the crowd. (Credit: Bettmann/Getty Images)” via IU-Bloomington.

Only fools deny that America is not only currently still racist, but has always been.

Funny enough, I’d wager a bet that plenty insurrectionists and those back at Central High School would deny the above sentence. That high school, like almost all in this country then and now, recites the Pledge of Allegiance daily.

“I pledge allegiance to the flag… “

That mob who, apart from claiming nationalistic and patriotic pride, also wielded many other flags, including Trump 2020 and Confederate ones.

“…of the United States of America…”

The history of why we say these words and why we “pledge” this allegiance to a flag is for a different post.

I wonder to which flag(s) the insurrectionists gave their allegiance.

“…and to the Republic, for which it stands, one nation…”

These angry, screaming “Americans,” look exactly like what I’ve not only witnessed with my own eyes, but most likely what Elizabeth Eckford did walking, alone, up the path to her newly racially desegregated high school. Elizabeth, who stoically, courageously, and boldly exercised her constitutional right–which was reiterated with Brown v. the Board of Education (1954)–to receive an education in a “white” school.

What an American.

Her heavily militarized high school and the “white” city-dwellers in the city came out in full force against the nine “black” youth. This mob was so outrageous in their wrong beliefs that then President Eisenhower called in the U.S Army to desegregate a high school. President Trump’s legion came against their own country over non-sense lies. These same mobs then and now who most assuredly, obnoxiously wield the losers flag–the Confederate flag. Those at the capital brought a hangman’s noose and gallows.

But I’m still not shocked by their actions.

Image by John Hain from Pixabay

I’m not at all surprised that an enraged, hopped up “white” mob surged the Capitol to capture it and plant their flag. After all, many (but not all) of those that became the face of this insurrection (and that is what it was) are from the South and as a Southern who currently resides in the South, their perceived grievance that the election was rigged thus resulting in their votes not being counted and the commander– their fearless commander, dear Comrade: Trump– who must not be dishonored. Honor is thing to uphold, so why not break the whole Capitol?

It’s the least one could do.


I mean, it was a violent riot last week. So too were those racists who hurled, at the bare minimum, insults at Elizabeth Eckford, at a maximum, calling to lynch/hang her. A Southerner most likely well versed in this culture of honor. Those southern trees bare a strange fruit.

How dare she, a ‘negro,’ be uppity.’

Who, apparently, dishonored these “whites” buy the sheer fact of her existence? Perish the thought.

Her ghastly desire to even be within their midst in school which would mean she’s one of us. God, no. It is well-known that part of Southern culture is that of honor–that is, a culture of honor. One that embraces and would warrant violent retribution if dishonored.

…under God. Indivisible. With liberty and justice for all.”

What a country. God Bless America.

The Brightside of This Attempted Coup

The Good

Last week was another dark day in the history of an already dark country, but there is a good point, from my perspective.

How? Had that not happened, some of the highly educated and wealthy congress members would have never had the experience that they did.

Let me explain.

What I mean is that some of these members experienced something they would have never experienced otherwise. This experience, fearing for life, danger just outside your door, and people who have intent to harm you, your property, peace of mind, way of life, etc.

That’s exactly what many in this world and country experience often, daily even. That life that has negative health implications. A life that is well seen in the media, but not well understood and is often brushed under the rug as something that happens somewhere else.

But it DID happen, and happened to them.

I think this is good.

It’s good in the sense that it may raise greater awareness which, hopefully, would lead to nobody ever having to live in and through such things.

That’s a very simplistic way of looking at it. Naïve, even. It is one good thing I extracted from it all. Something potentially good for the members of Congress as well as for Citizens.

Final Thoughts

What About the Nine

What happened to the Little Rock Nine? All but one finished the 1957-1958 school year with one being the first “non-white” student to graduate from the school that year. Some continued their education and earned PHDs, joined the military, became educators or journalists, and one even worked for the Carter Administration as an Assistant Secretary of Labor. The angry girl seen with her mouth fully opened, wearing her hate, ignorance, and racism was withdrawn from the school after the photo was taken, married young, had a couple, kids and apparently was so full of shame and guilt that she sought to rub this out of herself by reading books about and studying the civil rights movement (who knows which), helping little ‘ol black kids (as if they specifically needed her help) and called and apologized to Elizabeth, the woman she verbally assaulted and traumatized. In 1997 there was a whole big redemptive photo-op of their reconciliation. However, Elizabeth began to believe that Hazel was doing all of this to make herself feel better about having been forever branded this wide-mouth, open-throated yelling “white” racist that she most assuredly was.


But perhaps she did have a change of heart. Who really knows but God. Those on Capitol Hill in Washington D.C. certainly had one. President Trump, the 45th President of the United States of America (this great, great country) didn’t, but his rebuke has been swift.

It’s already started, in fact.

One other good thing (or bad, perhaps?) is that Trump has been impeached… again. For the second time. He, if convicted, would lose his pension, which I’m not opposed to as you well know. Don. Trump, the 45th President of the U.S.A., as well as several of those violent MAGA mobsters, are reaping what they’ve sown during the U.S. Insurrection 2021.

What’s shocked you the most about the events over the past week?

God Bless America.


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